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SA5000, SA10000 Discontinued - See new X-Series

MCS high power brushless motor drives combine wide bandwidth with high current for demanding direct drive applications. We offer the industry's most flexible options for customer control including analog velocity and transconductance loops, frequency lock loops and RS232/RS422 interfaces.

Commutation options include resolver, incremental encoder or Hall effect devices. The water cooling option reduces overall cabinet cooling requirements. When coupled with MCS designed brushless DC motors, these systems will provide more power and better performance for your high power application.



  • Above audible PWM
  • Very high bandwidth, extremely low deadband
  • Four quadrant operation
  • Panel mount enclosures
  • Front panel status indicators
  • Latching fault monitor
  • Protection circuitry
  • Resolver, incremental encoder or Hall effect commutation
  • CE available


  • Water Cooling
  • RS232 interface
  • RS422 interface
  • Frequency lock speed control

Performance and Characteristics

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Amplifiers Performance SA5000 SA10000
Cont./Peak Output Current120/150 Amps150/300 Amps
Cont./Peak Output Power40/50 KVA50/100 KVA
Input Voltage200-240 VAC 3 phase
DC Bus Voltage280-340 VDC
PWM Frequency18-50 KHz
BandwidthUp to 4 KHz
Efficiency> 95%
Deadband< 250µV (Typical)
Speed Regulation0.1% (0.001% available)
Internal Tach Linearity0.1%
Gain (Open Loop)1000 Amp/Volt (Typical)
Protection CircuitryBus Overvoltage, Amplifier Over Temp, Motor Over Temp, Over current, Logic Supply Voltage
Command Differential±10V
EnableOpen Collector
Position Word10, 12, 16 Bits
Status OutputTTL compatible

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