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The AX is a high performance PWM drive that is designed for a variety of direct axis and spindle drive applications. The AX integrates integral power supplies and the latest in pulse width modulated servo amplifier technology. This results in a motor drive ready to meet the most demanding control challenges. AX drives meet the needs of system designers and machine builders who must interface to a variety of control options.

Ten models cover the power range of 5-200KVA(peak), including 3 high voltage models.

Reliability and small package size are achieved through the use of surface mount technology and minimal internal wiring. These construction techniques provide an economical use of valuable panel space. All AX series drives are stand-alone units that are capable of interfacing to serial interfaces, CNCs, PLCs and motion controllers.


  • Encoder, Resolver or Hall Effect commutator setup and configuration through RS-232.
  • Readily interfaces with existing programmable controllers, including sine/sine + 120 inputs for direct commutation
  • Readback of status and other diagnostic information
  • Analog input capability for current machine controls
  • The diagnostic data can be transferred in ASCII or HEX
  • To accomodate the different power sources found throughout the world, all AX Drives are designed to operate from a wide range of input voltages. No Transformer needed

Diagnostic and Monitoring Features

  • I2T thermal protection circuit
  • Missing and mis-phased control signal detection (Hall effects, Encoder, Resolver)
  • Regen overload detection
  • Power supply failure detection
  • Motor thermistor interlock and external general purpose interlock
  • Short circuit Protection

Performance and Characteristics

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Amplifier Performance AX500 AX1000 AX2000 AX2500 AX3000 AX5000 AX6000
Output Current (A)
Continuous/Peak for 3 secs
7.5/15 15/30 30/60 37/75 50/100 70/140 80/160
Input Power Requirement
100-250 Vac, 3-Phase
(AX500 optionally 1-phase)
PWM Frequency Up to 35 KHz depending on model and application
Bandwidth Up to 4KHz
Efficiency >95%
Click picture for larger view
Dimensions - Click for drawing
(Acrobat Reader required)
AX500, 1000 AX 2000, 2500, 3000 AX5000, 6000

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